Jelly Comb Ultra-Thin Wireless Keyboard + Mouse Combo

October 2018 | Computing

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This keyboard I really wanted to love. And don't get me wrong, there's a lot to like about this stylish, sleek finger-tip buddy (what? I don't know). In silver it screams style. The keys are low profile and the curved back runs smoothly into the squared front. This is exactly the kind o keyboard that I go for. Sure it's no good for gaming, but for touch typing it's fabulous! The keyboard features all the right keys in, mostly the right places. There is a slight difference to most keyboards you might be more familiar with, like the hash key and the windows key though. Not a big problem. My favorite thing about this board is the dedicated 'Cut', 'Copy',and 'Paste' keys! These are amazing! I do these things ALL THE TIME so having these keys are a godsend! In fact I always buy gaming mice just so I can have extra buttons to program to cut, copy and paste! I feel that ALL keyboards should have these keys as standard! It definitely makes a difference from CTRL+X ect any day! The mouse I'll only mention briefly as it's not exactly the reason you would buy this set really. It's a no frills, generic cheap feeling mouse that won't get you excited one bit. Moving on... So the keyboard is thin, stylish and even has it's own in-built battery to boot! All you have to do is charge it up with the micro USB cable supplied and happy days! Keep in mind though there is actually a small switch that is easy to miss. You must hit this before anything will happen. Once turned on it lights up like a christmas tree and looks very smart while doing so! Of course, nothing is absolutely perfect. No one company can seem to hit the nail completely on the head. Ihere is one problem with this board. And it could be a big problem. The designers, for some reason known only to themselves, decided to make the row of 'F' keys at the top, 'FN' functions!!!! I hope you didn't spill your coffee while reading that but yup, you heard right! They decided to make the F keys, media keys. So you have the usual media keys like 'Play, stop, skip, vol +-'etc where the F keys should be and to use the F keys, you must hold the FN button. Now this wont be a bother to your average user. If all you do is surf the net and do the odd social media thing and online shopping or whatever then it probably wont affect you one little bit. In fact you may even love it if you like to listen to music as you do these things. This way you'll have full control of your listening experience right there at the top of your keyboard. If, on the other hand, you're a coder, then this is going to be a royal pain in the @$$! More than the F keys are affected here too! You see, they decided to put the '\' and '|' symbols as FN functions too. Now, you can 'lock-on' the FN key so you don't have to press it all the time. But then you lose the 'Z and X' keys as these are the keys that have the '\ and |' symbols!!!!! See my frustration???!!! What exactly were Jelly Comb thinking? Anyway. I sent mine back. I'm not going to lie. But like I said, if you don't need or are not bothered by the above criticisms then I would recommend the board to you as it is very well built and a pleasure to look at. Just a shame about the mouse and FN functions :)
Posted by Redz
Posted on 24/10/2018 at 07:57pm
Modified on 26/10/2018 at 02:01pm

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