Logitech MX Master 2S - Professional Mouse

November 2017 | Computing

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***************** Video coming soon **************** So I bought this because I'm a PC mouse enthusiast of sorts. And I'm always on the hunt for the best mouse in the world! Available in three colours, Black/Gold, White, and the one I went for, Midnight Teal. This mouse has a total of seven buttons, all of which are programmable by downloading the Logitech software. The software is called Logitech Options and is available from their website. In the software, as well as programming buttons, you can change the pointer speed. And that's about it. This isn't a gaming mouse though, so of course there's no lights on it to change the colour of etc and the DPI of the pointer is only 200 – 4000 and these can only be set in an increment of 50. That's ok though for most professional users. But it doesn't give you any info of what setting this is currently set to, it just has a slider. That's it. Programming buttons was as easy as it should be. For each button you get a selection of functions that you can select from, or you can create a macro. This was easy enough to do. The mouse has two ways to connect to your PC. It comes with a USB wireless receiver, and it also has Bluetooth built in. But you should know that your PC must have 'Bluetooth Low Energy Technology' for it to work. My PC doesn't but my laptop does, therefore my PC has the USB receiver plugged in and my laptop just connects via Bluetooth. Both work very well I might add. The mouse connects first time EVERY time with no delays. You can also pair this mouse with up to three devices. There is a button at the bottom you can press to toggle through the three device profiles when needed, more on this later. They can even have different button layouts for each. The thumb rest is also a button itself as with Logitech's other MX models. Pressing this will allow you to view all the apps you have running at the time. Very handy. But of course this can be reprogrammed too. The thumb area has a rubberised coating which feels quite nice on the thumb but I will say I preferred the Performance MX thumb grip to this one as it had more grip. The rubberised area stops as it meets the back and top of this mouse. Here it turns to a plastic material which does have a slight mat coating which feels OK when the palm is resting on it and so far doesn't seem to make me sweat while using it, which is always a plus. The far side where your pinky finger rests is also rubberised for comfort. This makes lifting the mouse all the much easier unlike their earlier G602 gaming mouse. The thumb side of the mouse has a side scrolling wheel and two buttons. I must say the placement of these buttons could have been better thought out. They seem to have squashed them together. I think it would of worked better if there was just one button either side of the scroll wheel. I have reprogrammed these buttons to be cut and paste as I do a lot of file management on my computer systems so I use those functions all the time. The side scrolling wheel is of a beautiful quality. I could scroll this wheel all day as I love the smoothness of it. Unfortunately that's where my love for this wheel dies a death. The rubberised grip on the wheel attracts dust and small debris. Once something is stuck inside the grip it is very hard to remove it. Also I don't really often have a reason to side scroll really. Seems a bit of a novelty. Unless you use spreadsheets a lot. There is good news though. You can reprogramme it. You don't have as many options with this though. For example you cant assign a macro to this wheel. But what I did was select the 'page back and forwards' option. This means when I scroll upwards it goes a page forwards and when I scroll downwards it goes backwards. This might seem a little weird at first but I got used to it surprisingly fast. The main vertical scroll wheel has the 'free-wheel' function MX users will be used to. By default the button above the wheel engages and releases the gears of the wheel. This way if your looking through a long document or webpage, you can press this button to disengage the gears and the wheel will spin freely, allowing you to scroll down or up extremely fast. I personally decided to change this button to 'Save', and then enable the 'SmartShift' option in the software. This means that the gears will stay engaged on the wheel. But if I give the wheel a sharp spin it will sense this and automatically switch the wheel into free spin mode. It will then re-engage the gear after it stops. And this works really well! I love this feature. And you can even set the sensitivity of this. OK so the feature that really sold this mouse to me was the FLOW system. Enabling this in the software means you can drag the mouse pointer to the edge of the screen on you PC and then it will appear on the screen of your Laptop. It is quite handy if you often use your laptop on your PC desk at the same time while using your PC. This way you can use just one mouse for the two computers and amazingly you can even copy files from one to another. You press copy on your PC for example, then move your mouse to your laptop screen and click paste. Whallah! Unfortunately you can't drag and drop files but that's not a big problem. So all in all this mouse is impressive in certain ways and a let down in others. I feel the mouse needs more buttons. One or two more on top like the G602, and one or two more OR just a reconfigure of button placement on the side. The thumb wheel, although a nice novelty, it needs to have more programmable options to be useful. The size and ergonomics of the mouse is good and I wouldn't say much improvement is needed there. But the feel of it could be nicer. The battery seems to be amazing. I've had it just over 2 months and I've only charged it once since it came out of the box. The battery indicator was on two lights when I opened it and it is was still on two lights after over 2 weeks usage. It boasts up to 70 days of use between charges and it seems to be telling the truth. What's great though is it's supplied with a USB cable which you can plug into the front of the mouse in order to charge it and keep on using it while you do. Brill! Another quick mention too is the dark field laser technology which is superb. This mouse will work on even clear glass as long as it's a minimum of 4mm thick. And the range of this mouse is 10m.
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