Zecti ZT-017 LED Light Panel

November 2017 | Photography / Videography

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Bought this lamp as I needed a light weight solution to my lighting needs. Came nicely packaged with a UK mains plug and lead which measures around 4 metres. Also in the package was a mount for the lamp which you can use on a lighting pole or even a tripod. The mount also has a hot sure mount to attach to a camera directly (although it won't fit Sony's hot shoes as they are smaller than the standard hot shoes so if you have a Handycam you will probably need a Sony adapter - Damn you Sony!!). The Light itself weighs around 226g and has a nice, sturdy Aluminium and plastic housing. The power socket is on the side but all other controls are located on the back. There is a small screen which displays the current setting. Underneath this there are four control buttons: 'Power', 'M (Mode)', '+' and '-'. To turn it on you must hold the power button for around 3 seconds. If you press the power button (whether the device is off OR on) and let go straight away it will display the battery level. This of course is an excellent and welcome feature. If you're using the power cord then doing this will just display '99'. Once the unit is on the light illuminates immediately. On the back there will be a small LED located on the left of the screen which will tell you which 'mode' you're currently in. If it is Orange and at the bottom by the 'C' then it is in 'Colour Temperature Mode'. You can now use the - and + buttons to adjust the colour temperature. This ranges from 3600k (36 displays on screen) and 5600k (56 displays on screen) and is noticeably different. 36 gives a nice warm look, where 56 gives a white cold look. If you press the 'M' button the small LED turns blue and moves to the top left of the screen. The mode now switches to Brightness mode. You can now use the + and - buttons to adjust the brightness from 10% to 99&. There is also a very noticeable difference to these settings. Why the brightness won't go below 10% is unknown, but be aware of this as you wouldn't be able to use this light in video work if you need it to fade up from 'OFF'. The front of the LED panel also has a white matte diffuser covering the LEDs themselves. This is good as it will help soften the light so that the bright LEDs don't produce obvious hot spots on the object you illuminating. The light also accepts batteries. These are cheap enough to buy and they are plentiful on Amazon. The models accepted are one of the following: NP-F550, NP-F750, NP-F960. Sony make these but there are also a load of cheaper brands that produce them also. Just search for them on Amazon! All in all it seems to be a very good lamp and I will be using this more often to get a proper feel for it. Recommended? -YES! Dual Power Supply Design: power adapter or battery powered: Power adapter input voltage DC 13-17V Connector Size:2. 1x5. 5mm ; Applicable battery NP-F550/NP-F750/NP-F960( Note Batterys are not included) Dimmable Color Temperature and Adjustable Brightness: 144 LED bulbs, 2 modes for control. High brightness up to 1500LM, color temperature varies from 3200K to 5600K (warm light to cold light) Durable and Quick Heat Dissipation: Premium aluminum alloy casing cover make the LED photography light more durable; Exquisite workmanship; Side holes for quick heat dissipation, easy to cool down Premium Light Guide Plate and SMD Bead: The high-end LGP can well soften light and protect your eyes. The high power SMD can well display the color saturation and gamut so as to realize high CRI (color rendering index) up to 95% Universally Fit and Wide Range of Usage: 1/4" standard hot shoe plug makes sure the LED video light fit most standard DSLR/video/camcorder/tripod; Ideal for figure/event/product/journalism photography and video
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Posted on 12/11/2017 at 09:06pm
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