Sigma 30mm f1.4 Lens

January 2020 | Photography / Videography

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The Sigma 1.4 30mm lens. This one I bought with the Sony E mount for my a6300. Construction is solid. It's mostly metal construction and comes with a lens hood which is a nice looking matte plastic. Ok let's get to the important stuff. The focus range on this lens is 0.3m or 0.98ft right up to infinity. It's weight is [265g]. length [78cm] and width [63cm]. It feels great in the hand and looks really nice once attached to the camera. It suits the Sony look quite well. STILLS The lens seems to be nice and sharp in stills. It focuses just as good as the Sony lenses, locking on pretty quick. The photos it produces seem nice and sharp and the colors are generally decent. I have noticed quite a lot of chromatic aberration though. If you have the right software though, this is removable for the most part so may not be a bother to you. VIDEO For video I found it hunts a little bit more than a Sony, but is still good. The focus motor seems quiet and I haven't noticed any noise coming from it in video. As it's not a heavy lens. And as the a6300 is a light small camera, you can comfortably hold it while vlogging or doing general filming without too much pain. This lens is focus by wire but so are most lenses these days. It does allow smooth slow focus pulls though and I haven't found it hard to gain focus manually at all. Especially considering most mirror-less cameras offer such features as focus peaking and magnification, which makes focusing a breeze.
Posted by Redz
Posted on 25/01/2020 at 05:37pm
Modified on 17/02/2020 at 10:35pm

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