Sony ICD UX560 Voice Recorder

May 2018 | Audio / Visual

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Okay I bought this hoping for great quality audio. I realize this isn't a high end recording device but is in fact a dicta-phone. But for the price I thought it would be at least 'really good audio'. The recorder comes well packaged. A little too well in fact as it takes quite some effort to get it out of the plastic molded packaging. The device itself is small. It has a stunning design (which I think is why it has become my most successful video on YT) which makes it very appealing to the buyer. The menu is ok. You can find your way around easily enough. Setting it up was easy. One of the first things it asks you is if you want the annoying beep tone that sounds every time you press a button turned off. I clicked YES! Great start. The software is pretty straight forward to use so anyone can get straight into using this device without going through all the instructions (which is a large fold out piece of paper. Seriously – it's huge!). This device has a headphone out jack, takes micro SD cards, and can be used as a music player for those who may want to use it that way. It has a microphone-in 3.5mm jack as well as the built-in microphones on the top of the device. Using the built-in mics the sound is ok. If you use it this way then only expect dicta-phone quality. It's not real 'production quality' audio but is good enough for recording memo's, meetings etc. If you want better quality then you must use an external microphone input. And then the quality will depend on two things. 1, the quality of the microphone. And, 2, the settings of the device. You can set the bit rate which range from 48kbps – 192kbps in MP3 mode, or 1411kbps in WAV mode. You also have a Noise Cut filter and a Low Cut filter setting. The built in memory is 4GB and it says you have 5h35m38s worth of recording time. This is a useful feature. The time on an SD card would of course depend on the SD card size. Of the tests I did with this, the top setting of 1411kbps equaled around 10mb per minute in file size which is decently small. This means 10 minutes of audio will be around 100mbs. This recorder has a VOR function which means it can be voice activated. This way you can set it up when you go to sleep for example and it will record any sounds you make throughout the night and pause the recording during quiet periods. On the whole this is a decent dicta-phone. It is not going to be much use as a production recorder though if you're looking for that type of thing. For that I would recommend a Tascam or a Zoom. When I did a test between this and my smartphone I found that the smartphone recording came out better. But on reflection this device still has an advantage over the smartphone in the sense that this thing can be kept recording for long periods, without too much strain on battery life. Also a phone will have notifications and calls come through that will mess up a recording. This device won't as it is a dedicated audio recorder and nothing else. But, and it's a BIG BUT (I like big buts and I cannot lie!), I can't help but feel it is overpriced for what you get! A Tascam model at this price would out preform this. I think you really are paying for the Sony name and the stunning design and size/weight with this. If size and weight are important to you then great. Otherwise I'd probably consider something else. SPECS: Built-in memory - 4 GB PC connectivity - yes Built-in microphone - stereo (s-mic) Recording format - linear pcm/MP3 Playback format - LPCM/MP3/aac/wma Maximum files (total) - 5000 files (including number of folder) Maximum files per folder - 199 Calendar search - yes LCD backlight - yes USB connection charging - yes Battery type (provided) - built-in lithium battery Scene select - yes Low-cut filter - yes Vor - yes Sync recording function - yes Recording monitor – yes Digital pitch control (speed control) - yes Noise cut - yes (clear voice) Graphic equaliser - yes A-B repeat - yes Easy search - yes Track mark - yes Erase - yes Protect - yes Divide - yes Move file - yes File copy - yes Folder name change (without using PC) - yes
Posted by Red
Posted on 08/05/2018 at 09:25pm
Modified on 01/09/2019 at 03:59pm

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