Olympus ME-51S Stereo Microphone

November 2019 | Audio / Visual

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I've been using a Sony ECM-CS3 tie-clip microphone for my YT videos for a few years now. I like the way it sounds. The audio is always nice quality and it is reliable. But I've been wanting a small mic that I can plug into my camera without any cables if I choose not have the tie pin on, so I tried the Rode Video Micro and a similar Comica mic. Both were OK but they are both large mics that sit on top of the camera on a suspension mount. I wanted something small that could just plug into the side of the camera and not add too much weight or size to the camera body. This way I could run and gun with it without taking too much time setting it up on the hot shoe mount. I saw this and was wowed by it's design. This mic would give me the best of both worlds... I could use it as a tie clip when needed, but also use it directly into the camera body by taking off the cable when I just want to capture ambient audio from the room/location. I also could save room in my camera bag by only carrying this one mic and cable! I quickly threw my money at Amazon and said 'gimme gimme gimme!'. So the mic turned up the next day in a neat little package. Opened it up and plugged it in and pressed record (all while shooting a YT video for it). Now, on reviewing the recorded samples I was a little disappointed at first. The audio seemed to be lacking the bass that I was used to with the Sony mic. I sounded 'tinny' and I didn't like it much. Of course this can be fixed in post production by adding some bass but I didn't want any more editing that I already had. After a while though I realized that I already decrease bass from the Sony in post (as it is always set in my editing template, i forgot about it). So it's not a big deal if I do switch to this mic permanently. I just have to increase the bass instead and - job done! So I'm going to play more with it to see if I can make the switch permanently.
Posted by Redz
Posted on 12/11/2019 at 07:30pm
Modified on 25/11/2019 at 09:26pm

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