Neewer G2 4k Action Camera

October 2019 | Photography / Videography

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Ok so here we have the Neewer G2 action cam 4K! Neewer's 3nd action cam offering following the G0 and G1. With a price less than £70 does this camera stand up on it's own in the action cam market? Lets take a look... In the basic package you get various mounts for car window mounting, bicycle handle bars and others. You get a micro USB charging lead. But you don't get a micro HDMI lead. But to be honest as it records to SD card you don't really need one. You also get a waterproof case as standard! Even a remote control! Basically everything you need to get started is right in the box – bar a memory card! You will need to supply your own card as with all cameras, and this will ideally need to be a class 10 card. I bought the 'SanDisk Extreme 64 GB microSDXC Card' Amazon UK | 'SanDisk Extreme 64 GB microSDXC Card' Amazon US, which only set me back £12. And this gives me the speed to record 4K without a problem. More on this later. The camera itself is small and very lightweight! It has a nice rebberized coating so is easy to hold and grip. I'd imagine it shares the same dimensions as a GoPro and most mounting accessories would also share the same design. I have never used a GoPro though, so I can't be positive on that but all these action cams tend to lend themselves to each other quite nicely from what i've read and seen. To turn it on you press and hold the 'Mode' button, and it starts up very quickly indeed, albeit with a quite annoying start-up sound. The camera is ready to start recording straight away which is very convenient for catching action as it happens. In the settings you can also select which mode the camera starts up in. For example, if you're only using this camera as a dachcam, then you'll select the 'car looping' option. This way whenever you start the device up, not only is it in dashcam mode, but it automatically starts recording video! Awesome! Let's have a look at some of the modes. So 'Normal Video' is exactly what it sounds like. You press 'OK' to start recording, and press again to stop. Video recording is available in a few resolutions as follows: 4K(3840*2160)30FPS 2.7K(2560* 1440)30FPS 1440P(1920*1080)30FPS/60FPS 1080P(1920*1080)30FPS/60FPS 720P(1280*720)30FPS/60FPS/120FPS Time lapse photo mode: 1s/2s/5s/10s/30s/60s Slow motion video: This is cool but there's no option to set the speed. My guess is it records at 120fps and then automatically slows it down for playback. Normal Photo Mode: Self explanatory. You can choose to take shots in 12M/8M/5M/3M resolution. Auto Photo Mode: from what I can work out this just takes photos constantly until you press stop. Not the same as burst photo though and it only seems to take a shot every few seconds. Not sure what you'd use this for exactly. Timing Photo This is a self timer with options of 3/5/10/30 seconds. Car Looping Mode This is the dashcam feature. Works well and resolution is clear enough to see number plates etc. Video + Photo mode This records video while also taking photos simultaneously. I've noticed it's around 18 photos per minute. And finally Burst Shot mode This takes burst shots at around 10 shots per second. You press the 'OK' button once and it takes the shots automatically so you don't have to keep it pressed. Ok so the video resolution is really good for the price but don't expect awesome! It works well as a dashcam and action camera but if you're looking for a small vlogging camera I'd pay the extra and go with a GoPro. It has nowhere near the quality of the GoPro but then again the price is nowhere near it either. The 4K is pretty good and if you freeze frame the footage you can see you get some good detail. I do feel though the shutter speed may not be fast enough as you can see when it pans the footage looks a bit choppy rather than silky smooth. But then again, at this price point I can't complain at all! Low light handling is acceptable. Especially if using as a dashcam as I am. You can see things clearly enough so no gripes there. A feature I like is the built in stabilizer. You do get a light crop with this but it's worth it for handheld shots. and if using as a vlog camera then it'll help massively. A note on SD cards. As I mentioned earlier, you will need a fast card for this camera, as you would on any camera, especially a 4K camera. At first I used a normal micro SD card which although it will work, the video will freeze every few frames. Each freeze lasts for around 5 frames. This of course brings problems as besides being very annoying to watch back, something critical could happen during those frames if using as a dashcam. So make sure to get a decent card. Again, here's the one I got 'SanDisk Extreme 64 GB microSDXC Card' Amazon UK | 'SanDisk Extreme 64 GB microSDXC Card' Amazon US. The camera comes with a number of mounts. Most of which are wasted on me as I'm not a sporty kind of guy but these will probably sort out most of your action cam needs. Most of them, I must be honest, I don't even know what they're for. It does come with 2 sticky back mounts for securing to the windscreen of your car. One of them even has a 3/4” screw hole. There is two spares in the pack too! Another cool feature is the remote control. It comes equipt with a Velcro strap to put it on your wrist or bike handlebar etc. that way you can take photos and even start and stop video with a press of a button. I keep mine strapped to my handbrake. This way I can start or stop the video before I set off, and when I park up. Also if you are using it as a dashcam, go into the settings and toggle the inversion switch. This flips the screen upside down as you will have to mount the camera upside down. So this means the video will record the right way up when you watch it back on your PC or TV! The battery is removable. So you could get yourself some spares by contacting Neewer as I can't seem to find them sold online anywhere. Also included is a waterproof case. This has a mount already attached for quickly securing into the car window mount. They even included a spare door for the case! WATERPROOF CASE Water proof casing seems to work well. It's rated for 98ft /30meters but I'm not testing that for you! But this will allow for some cool and creative filming. I tested it out on the kitchen sink (that's as adventurous as I get!) and it worked very well. All the buttons are easily accessible while in the case except for the touch screen of course. But you can use the up and down arrow buttons on the side to navigate the menus while in the case. All in all this camera is a good buy if you're on a budget and want a decent all round action cam for your hobbies, or even your kids activities. At this price you don't have to worry too much about loss or damage. If you're looking for a dashcam I highly recommend it! It will definitely meet your needs in that area. I think this would make an awesome xmas present for your kids too and may take them away form the consoles (stranger things have happened!) and inspire them to be and think creatively. I'd of loved one of these when I was young as I was a big camera fan even back then! Anyway I'm out. If you have any questions or comments leave them below.
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Posted on 29/10/2019 at 08:23pm
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