Zoom H5 Handy Recorder

June 2019 | Audio / Visual

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Ok so I used to be a 'Tascam man'. I loved their recorders and didn't want to switch to another brand. Stupid I know but you know what it's like when you like a certain brand. Anyway I decided on the H5 and man what a recorder this is! The main thing that pulled me in was the interchangeable microphones coupled with the portability. Owning one of these meant I could sell my microphones and other recorders, both hand held and studio, and just use this instead. Just as long as the quality was good enough. Oh and it was too! OK so it's not a small recorder. If you're looking for a dictaphone then, although this works well, it's not pocket sized. It does come with a hard case included though, but it would require a bag or carry case to put it into if travelling or on the move. So although it is large it fits in one hand comfortably. I has all the usual connections; headphones, line out, USB, and a remote connecter. It also has two XLR's at the bottom. The mic capsule at the top of the device also has a Line In 3.5mm jack. The device requires 2 AA batteries (included) or you can power via USB using a power bank if you wish! The design of the unit is sort of retro with buttons and knobs rather than just having a large screen with stylish, modern looking interface. It is simple and effective and functional which is all you want and need. You have a large GAIN dial for each XLR input as well as GAIN dial for the mic capsule at the top. You have limiters and compression settings in the menu systems that you can set for all mic inputs or just the ones you want separately. On the back of the unit is the battery compartment and a standard tripod screw hole so you can attach this to a tripod, boom pole or a cold shoe adapter. What I have done is bought the MOVO suspension mount and connected that to a handle grip. This way there is little to none handling noise transferred to the recordings. If you hold this device in your bare hands while recording you will almost certainly have unwanted noises recorded whenever you move a finger on the body of the unit. This is true for all handheld recorders so be sure to order a shock mount too! The one I have is here: Movo SMM5-R - Amazon UK (affiliate link)
Movo SMM5-R - Amazon US (affiliate link) So testing it out I found the quality is awesome. When processing the audio (using Audacity mainly) I found by adding a low noise filter (which was hardly needed for most recordings but I always do this anyway) and amplifying the recording it produced extremely professional results. The best I've ever been able to achieve from a portable recorder in any case! I have done a lot of vocal speech testing and man does this sound good! You won't be disappointed I'm sure! I also did some sound effects samples and ambient recording samples. It handled everything with ease and was able to reproduce the sound just as I heard it. I am very happy with it. It is also very good with batteries. The same ones I put in when I opened it are still in there now! And I've used this for a good few hours! Just WOW. That's where Tascam could learn a few things as their recorders are known for bad battery life. But no problem with the Zoom H5! Recommended - YES Sir-Re Bob!
Posted by Redz
Posted on 18/06/2019 at 08:33pm
Modified on 31/10/2019 at 07:54pm

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