Comica CVM-VM-K2 Smartphone Video Kit

January 2019 | Audio / Visual

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Wasn't sure what to expect from this product. It arrives in a lovely case of good quality. The handle has a rubber grip for durability, and the zip feels of good grade. Inside the components of the video kit are separately packed into a nice foam for protection. The 'lid' of the case has a netted compartment that is separated into two sections, one larger than the other. These have the instructions, warranty and audio cable in them and can be used to store other things to your taste. Pulling out the microphone it reminded me of my Rode VideoMicro. The build quality seems the same and the design is similar too. The whole microphone is one solid piece of metal. There's not a single screw in it's construction (on the exterior anyway). It is black in colour and looks great! The microphone mount is a nice design too. Although it is plastic it feels like it will do it's job very well. I have faith in it! The base of it has a 1/4” screw hole and is also able to fit straight into a cold shoe. The clamp for hold your smartphone is also very durable. It is re-sizable and this is done by the screw on the top. Once your phone is in the clamp it will have a good grip on it and your phone wont fall or slide out as there are rubber grips on the top and bottom to keep it secure. The tripod was very impressive! I love this little thing! Very similar to the Manfrotto ones in design. The legs fold out and even have nice rubber grips on the bottoms of each leg to keep it from sliding around on the smooth surface. The legs, when folded shut are comfortable to hold and use as a handle. There is also a button that when pressed, the ball head can freely move around. Once this button I released the ball head will not move. There is one thing to note about this microphone. That is that it may not work with your current phone camera app. I tried two phones by different manufacturers and neither worked. You will have to download something like 'Open Camera'. This is free on the Google Play store. (I don't have an iPhone so you'll have to look for a free alternative) And to be honest it's a better app than most built in camera apps anyway. Once installed I went into the settings and checked the microphone setting to 'External (if plugged in)' option. This made the app get audio from my Comica Microphone instead of the phones built in mic. This is why you need to install a different app. Most built in phone camera apps will only work using the built in microphone in your phone. Included in this kit is also a sponge wind guard and a dead-cat wind guard – BONUS! After doing a few tests I was happy with the results. The Comica definitely showed an improvement over the built in mic. The audio was louder and clearer. This kit is something that all phone vloggers should have!
Posted by Redz
Posted on 02/01/2019 at 09:03pm
Modified on 15/01/2019 at 07:09pm

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