Falcon Eyes F7 LED Video Light

November 2019 | Photography / Videography

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I have been using the Zecti LED Light for a few years now. And although I love it, it is a bit larger in size and more bulky in weight once the battery is added. So I saw this and thought it would be better as it was smaller and has a built in battery. Well I wasn't wrong. The Falcon Eyes F7 is an awesome little light that all video makers should have in their kit. Weighing in at only 330g, compared to the Zecti (with battery) at 558g, this thing is nearly half the weight and bulk. But does that mean it isn't as bright? Nope! Put it this way, when I'm using this as lighting for YT videos, I have to set the brightness to just 5%. That's not a typo either - 5%! Any higher and my face would be blown out (too bright). OK, so lets have a look at the features... So this light can be brightness adjusted from 0% to 100% and goes up in increments of 1. So you have perfect accurate control. The 'Temp' can be adjusted from 2500k (warm glow), right up to 9000k (blueish tint). The sweet spot for brilliant white being around 4000-5000k. The RGB mode can give you any color under the sun. On the back of the F7 you will find a color wheel that has markings on it in the form of degrees. 0/360 being Red, 80 being Yellow, 120 being Green, 180 - Blue, 240 - Purple, 300 - Pink, then back to 360 Red. All values in between are the colors being mixed together seamlessly. The color changes are smooth and not in noticeable steps so that's good too! There is also 'Effects Mode'. This has 20 different lighting effects - all you'll ever need. To name just a few there are; Police lights, Ambulance Lights, Fire Engine Lights, Lightning Flashes x2, TV Mode, Paparazzi Camera Flashes, Candle Light Flickers, Party Lights etc. There is also a sticker in the box with a guide showing which number is which effect. But oddly this only lists 18 effects. There are 2 more on the device which, I'm guessing, were added on later models made after the stickers were produced. Another great feature I love is there are magnets inside the housing of the F7. One along the top and one along the bottom. So you can easily mount this to anything metal (I'm thinking camera cage, radiator etc). Anyway, if you're a content creator, you need this light in your life! There is also a more expensive package that includes a light diffuser and honeycomb grill. But this one that I bought doesn't include those but it's really not a problem. You can use tracing paper as a diffuser as LED lights don't tend to produce much heat. Or I'm even looking at ordering a small piece of 3mm thick Frosted Acrylic made to order. There's a website called cutmyplastic that'll do it for just a few quid. If you do decide to do this too then the size you need to cover the LED front panel is 145mm x 73mm. Anyway if I do go ahead with the Acrylic, I'll update this post and let you guys know. Recommended? It's a no brainer - YES!
Posted by Redz
Posted on 25/11/2019 at 08:31pm
Modified on 25/11/2019 at 09:17pm

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