Olympus 25 mm 1.8 lens

January 2020 | Photography / Videography

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I'm gonna keep this short. Alright so the first thing to note is how small and light-weight this lens it! ITS TINY! Great for travelling and maybe vlogging as it adds barely any weight to the camera (152g). Build quality seems OK. Plastic exterior but seems a solid and tight construction. The focus ring isn't rubber, but rather matte plastic. But has small teeth all around it for grip and actually feels nice to the touch and is smooth to operate. There is no manual aperture ring as this is controlled electronically through the camera. It comes with a lens hood which is always nice. But there is a thin plastic ring you have to remove from the lens before you can attach it. This is strange as I don't see what the use for this ring is. You're better off removing it when you un-box the lens, and keeping it in the lens box as you're never going to need it again and will probably lose it like I almost did, twice. The lens fits nice and snug to my Panasonic G9 as it shares the same MFT mount. It also communicates well electronically. The sharpness is pretty nice. I always add sharpening in post any ways and I haven't noticed much difference to other lenses. The auto-focus works well for stills but doesn't seem to lock-on as quickly as the Leica lens I'm currently using. For video it works well and focuses pretty nicely but there is bad news here. If you're using the built in microphone on your camera, you will hear the focus motor noise. And its quite loud and annoying. A constant ticking noise. It's OK when using an external mic as long as it's positioned away from the camera body, but if not, then it's going to bother you, even in non-professional home movie clips. All in all it's a great little lens and would be best suited for photography, especially if travelling light. I wouldn't bother for video unless your using an external mic not mounted on the camera body or cage.
Posted by Redz
Posted on 18/01/2020 at 06:07pm
Modified on 25/01/2020 at 05:34pm

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